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More from The Safety Blog on How Workplace Safety Applies to Every Business. Safety best practices, no matter what your business is, are:

  • Maintain safety plans and protocols - who is responsible for what, when, and how
  • Implement those plans
  • Have emergency plans - who will do what, when, how, and where they will find what they need
  • Drill on those plans! The more rare the events you’re preparing for and the worse they will be if/when they happen, the more you should prepare for them, so people know what to do in an emergency.
  • Keep and maintain Material Safety Data Sheets on all hazardous materials
  • Maintain adequate worker’s compensation insurance

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The Safety Blog has a useful series of posts on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and How It Can Save Your Life (PPE and How It Can Save Your Life - Part 1) (PPE and How It Can Save Your Life - Part 2). Don’t forget the importance of a good PPE program!

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Safe At Hand now offers a new Glove Guard product! The Handi Klip is a sister product to the classic Glove Guard, designed especially for the fire safety market. Handi Klip™ is heat-resistant, with a ball-and-socket joint that makes it safe and effective even in fire fighting contexts, while enabling to hold up to 50 pounds!

Handi Klip is also customizable! You can print the text or image of your choice on one side of the clip in one or two colors for a small extra cost.

A full product list of all Glove Guard products offered by Safe At Hand, including the new Handi Klip, is available here: Glove Guard products - full list.

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Safe At Hand now offers Glove Guard products imprinted with both standard safety slogans and a custom imprint on the other side. This feature is available for both the classic Glove Guard clip and the newer Utility Guard clip.

A full product list of all Glove Guard products offered by Safe At Hand is available here: Glove Guard products - full list.

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Remember your safety gear with these handy charts. And remember, your employees’ safety gear is only useful if they have it with them when they need it. For helpful tools to aid you in your safety efforts, visit Safe At Hand.

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A helpful reminder that safety starts at the top. Make sure your workers are protected; invest in safety products for them today.

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Here’s a handy safety checklist for avoiding accidents caused by hand tools.

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Here’s a handy glossary of industrial power tools & hand tools.

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When using power tools and hand tools, keep it safe with these handy tips.

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Tennessee OSHA Reports 352 Amputations in FY 2007.

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